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BISP Program 36000/25000 New Update

BISP New Update 2023:

Assalam Alaikum Viewers Viewers In this post, there are two major updates that I would like to share with you guys so that you guys can be a part of this program and get assistance with the help of this program.

has been expanded by and two big good news have been revealed for the public and you people will surely be happy to know this good news, you people will also get benefit here and I try to make you people authentic and Accurate information should be provided so that you people can also benefit from this program and get the annual aid and also take the monthly aid.

There are high hopes because this is a program that not only makes people monthly but also provides scholarships for children and also provides assistance of Rs.

BISP Program 36000/25000 New Update

BISP Program 36000/25000:

Imran Khan also did this work. You all will remember that he started the Ehsaas Amdan program and he gave aid of 60,000 rupees and did not take it back. His purpose was to give 60,000 rupees.

People become self-sufficient, raise cattle, keep animals and do any business, build a shop, etc. It means that people become self-sufficient. The series of assistance will be continued in the same way, but here are the updates, one is about 25 thousand and the other is about 36 thousand.

Where is the 36 thousand rupees coming from, so I request these friends to understand the matter in a good way and the aid of 25 thousand rupees that you people are also getting, this aid is being given in a slavish way. Within the affected areas, they will no longer get 9,000, they will get 25,000

BISP Program 36000/25000 New Update

And after that, the regular who was getting the installment will continue to get it in the same way. Those who are included in the Benazir Income Support Program, whose poverty score is low, will get an assistance of Rs. 25,000

. Benazir Income Support Program will be given in the same way. Two new programs are being started here. One is what I told you and the other is a program of Rs. 25,000. 7,000 was being received in the income support program earlier, but now the government has decided that the annual assistance will be 36,000 rupees, and 36,000, which is the education of children, will be given to the people, but some families will get it.

There will be those who have less number of children and they are under education, two or three, according to this, their stipend will be paid, but now after the quarter, it is difficult to give this amount, but after six months.

Now if this money is given, such a government will give you an aid of 36 thousand rupees annually and you will get an aid of 18 thousand rupees after six months.

BISP Program 36000/25000 New Update

BISP Program 36000/25000 New Update

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