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10999 BISP Program Apply 27 September 2023

BISP New Update Today:

Assalam Alaikum viewers, there is good news for you people, but this is good news regarding 10999 rupees and the new procedure has also been revealed and the date of application has also been revealed and I request you friends.

That you also join it before October 15, after that you may not get a chance here. From October 15 to December 30, there is a series of registration here, it will be continued and you People will continue to get payments here and this will be the last chance for you people and after that the next government will support you people.

The update has come out that so I thought to share the information with you people who have ID and age is more than 18 years but the age of G is 22 to 25 years they are given more priority

10999 BISP Program Apply 27 September 2023

BISP Program 27 September 2023:

Women who are older than this are also preferred and those who are widows are also given priority, so if they apply, they have more chances to get this program. should be made a part of because their poverty score is quite low, that’s why they eat what they eat in this program, we join them, the additional points they have are also given.

If you look at the series, it is that the government is giving the payments of 9 thousand to 18 thousand to the people, but it also includes the children’s education, so now Shahbaz Sharif who What was done was that the budget of the Benazir Income Support Program was increased by 20% and in the same way the other programs were increased by 20%.

The government is set up. Yes, the government is announcing that we will give big payments to all the families here and take care of them and give them maximum support.

10999 BISP Program Apply 27 September 2023

BISP 10999 Program Apply:

If you want to get help, the first thing you guys have to do is go to Google, go to Google and write 8171webportal.com I will try to link this portal. Let me give you people here, if you open this portal, then the portal will appear in front of you.

This is a money checking portal. After that, check the payment up. If the name is there, then inshallah you will get the payment and now the final date has been announced. From 1st October, inshallah, you people will start getting the payments and the government has also announced this.

It has been decided that the children’s education stipends will also be given along with it, you will not need a bank account and besides, the next installment will be the same as the government’s.

It will be given during the regime and the registration that is going on will be closed on December 30 and people can get you registered before that.

10999 BISP Program Apply 27 September 2023

10999 BISP Program Apply 27 September 2023

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