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25000 Rashaan Program Apply Big Decision BISP New Program In all Pakistan

BISP New Update August:

Assalam Alaikum viewers good news for you people and here the government has taken a big step and another final new program has been launched by the caretaker government for the betterment of the people and to benefit the people.

You can apply through this program. In this program, you can get this assistance. A big gift has come out for you from the caretaker government.

Regarding how to get assistance, complete details will be shared with you guys in this post if you haven’t heard about the new policy of 8171 yet and you guys are still aware of the new scheme.

If I didn’t get the information then this is for post up because in this post there are some other updates which are now being seen by the caretaker government and will be managed by the caretaker government and maybe you It is known that the setup of the custodial account will last for six months, last for one year, last for two years, this government will work and will benefit the people from here.

All kinds of issues that they have here will be provided, you people will get financial support, you people will be supported here in every way.

Those people should also apply in this program and there is good news for those who have already received assistance from 8171, now you can participate in this program and join the ration program from here.

Earlier people wanted him to get help in BISP program and get free ration, so the government did that.

25000 Rashaan Program Apply Big Decision BISP New Program In all Pakistan

BISP New Program In all Pakistan:

They were also included in the ration program and they were given assistance anyway but now 8171 has been further updated and in this the government was also running regarding the bank account that we are telling all the people to open bank accounts.

Within this, we should give relief to the people or give payment, whatever is the payment of the BSP program, but it was delayed and the time was short, so the government could not complete this work and therefore the government If the card could not be provided to the people, then until the new government comes and the new setup is done, then whatever assistance you people will get, whatever money you will get, you people will get it in the same way as before.

But the setup of this big supervisor has been established, you know, Kaine has also been formed, so now the Ehsaas program, which we know today as the Benazir Income Support Program, is this program. In this one, you will also be released the payment you have for the BISP program and also for those who were ineligible, this is an update that the government has restored the service center and it will be January 2023.

If the BS program is running in the areas where there are offices, you can go to the office and those people who are not meeting from there can register themselves there and as soon as the registration process is completed, the supervisor The government will not put any kind of loophole in it.

If you are eligible then the process you have will go ahead. Your poverty score will be checked. If yes then you are made a part of this program and you are given good news through 8171 while there is another update that in the new set up that the government has established now those who are extremely poor of poverty.

The ration program will be started for those who are living and the subsidy of the ration program will be given to those people here, but currently the subsidy that is running is a powerful program.

25000 Rashaan Program Apply Big Decision BISP New Program In all Pakistan

BISP Rashaan Program Apply:

And in this you can apply from all over Pakistan and this is a foundation this foundation has decided for you people who are currently very poor living in poverty if they apply for the ration program.

So they have three big organizations that will help them out completely and deliver the ration to their homes, so JDC is on top in this regard and they have also received the award of Pakistan at this time.

Its founders, who established its foundation, support whatever problems are there in Pakistan, so now the government is here, this support will be given to the people by the government.

First of all, I request those who are very poor to apply for the powerful program. To apply for the powerful Pakistan program, I will try to provide a link and you can also go to 8171 reporter and get this link.

After that, you people will be given the payment that you have from the Benazir Income Support Program, so 8171 has become a big program and is supporting people in every way.

If you want to apply for this program and get help from here, then go to the 8171 portal and apply for the powerful Pakistan program.

Even if you are eligible, there will be 2 million families who will be given help from the government. If there are five or six people in a family or more, then the ration program will be given to you according to the size of the family.

25000 Rashaan Program Apply Big Decision BISP New Program In all Pakistan

25000 Rashaan Program Apply Big Decision BISP New Program In all Pakistan

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