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8171 Updates Registration BISP 9000 New 8171 program

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Assalam Alaikum viewers, finally the second payment series is going to start, how many people will be messaged from 8171 on September 8th and their payment series will also start and where will people get this payment up from?

The latest major update at this time is that the payment stream is finally being restored regarding the Benazir Income Support Program.

The series of messages will also be started. What kind of messages will you receive? The number you have given should be turned on, because earlier it used to be that you could not receive messages on the numbers that were Telenor.

So now will the message also be sent to them because the message is sent to the rest of the SIMs, but it is necessary that through 8171 you will also receive the message on Telenor, so you people are not able to receive the message due to the network issue.

Because of which the government apologized, there is no need to worry about it, everyone will get a message from 8171 and your payment process is also going to start.

Ehsaas Program New Update 8 Sep Bisp New Update

8171 Updates Registration:

This message will be such that your second payment of nine thousand rupees has been transferred from the government to your account. You can withdraw it by going to the nearest payment center.

Now many people are thinking that Which are the payment centers and where should you go, so let’s clarify that people who have opened accounts in the bank and the process of opening accounts in these cities had also started, now such people will get money from the bank while Those who are other people will get the payment through the payment agent through the retailer shop where the device is located.

stipends will also be included. Most of the children’s stipends will also be received. Therefore, if you go to receive up-payment, you must first check your payment on the portal of 8171 and then proceed to receive up-payment. be taken

8171 Updates Registration BISP 9000 New 8171 program

8171 Updates Registration

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