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Benazir Kafalat Dynamic Survey – 8171 Portal

BISP New Update Today:

Assalam Alaikum viewers, there is a good news regarding BISP that now those people who were unable to get assistance under this program for the past many years have been included in this program, so will tell you which ones.

People will be eligible for the sponsorship program in the month of September and those who are not yet eligible for this program are not getting the assistance, how can they qualify themselves and how long is the installment of Benazir sponsorship program in your account.

I will share all this important information with you in this post and how you can check. Or the 820,000 women who were blocked by the sponsorship program during the PTI regime, all those with such problems can get their dynamic survey done to become a part of this program again.

and within about six months of undergoing the dynamic survey process, they are again made part of the sponsorship program and start receiving regular installments every three months.

Benazir Kafalat Dynamic Survey - 8171 Portal

Benazir Kafalat Dynamic Survey:

So, we have already told you the complete procedure regarding the dynamic survey. Let us tell you that all such people who have registered once before and due to some problem were not made part of the sponsorship program.

It has been about six months or eight months since their previous registration, so now do your dynamic survey again and take your process further, that means you can get a chance to be a part of this program again.

For that, identity cards of both husband and wife, children’s form, electricity bill of the house, take all these documents and visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program tehsil office and simply start your dynamic survey process from there.

A lot of related questions will also be asked, so you have to answer all the questions honestly and when this process is completed, within six months you will also get a message from 8171 which will confirm your eligibility.

The reference tells you in detail whether you are eligible or disqualified or what is the reason. If you become eligible, then you will start getting installments every three months.

All the SP beneficiaries who had registered once before were either disqualified or had their accounts blocked during the PTI regime, a huge number of about 283,000. People have been made part of the program again

Benazir Kafalat Dynamic Survey - 8171 Portal

BISP New Payment 8500 Check Online:

Similarly, if you were previously disqualified by the sponsorship program, check your status again on the 8171 web portal now. Inshallah, I hope you will be eligible. Similarly, if you have not completed your dynamic survey yet.

So make your dynamic survey mandatory because it is mandatory to do dynamic survey first before 31st December 2023 after that it may be closed so here we are with the latest update regarding regular tranche of Benazir Kafalat program.

Let’s share that at this time, the process of issuing the installment of Benazir Kafalat program has started and inshallah the installment of the kafalat program will start within the next three to four days and this time in seven districts where the banking system is was introduced there this installment will be paid through the designated bank and in addition all the beneficiaries will be able to get their installment from the agent system and this time an installment of Rs.8500 will be paid.

You can connect to your nearest HBLA ATM machine 8171 web portal and your nearest BISP retailer and get the Basani check from there.

Benazir Kafalat Dynamic Survey - 8171 Portal

Benazir Kafalat Dynamic Survey - 8171 Portal

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