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BISP 2 Exciting News 2.8 Million New Families Eligible

BISP 2 Exciting News

We are here to provide you with the latest updates regarding the Benazir Income Support Program. We will ensure accurate information about the Ehsaas Program, Kafalat Program, Ration Program, and all the other schemes introduced by the government.

This announcement marks the third installment of the Ehsaas Kafalat program, which has been initiated by the government. Notably, only two installments were disbursed in 2022, specifically in January and February. However, the distribution process has been expanded significantly. In the months of June and July 2023, a total of 9000 installments have been successfully distributed, following the initial distribution of 7000 installments.

It is imperative to emphasize that the distribution activities are ongoing. Those who qualify under the Benazir Income Support Program but have yet to receive their installments are strongly encouraged to avail of this opportunity promptly. This proactive approach is being advised to mitigate any potential issues related to payment returns in the future. We urge all eligible individuals to take advantage of this initiative.

BISP 2 Exciting News

BISP New Families Eligible

Millions of individuals are set to become eligible for the 2023 phase of the program. To clarify eligibility criteria, it’s important to note that being registered doesn’t guarantee eligibility; even individuals whose cards were previously blocked might still be eligible. The upcoming installment of the Benazir Income Support Program will be disbursed through bank channels, ATMs, and designated agents. Viewers will be informed about the specific group of beneficiaries who will receive these funds.

For those who participated in the dynamic survey, their payment will be processed once they meet the eligibility requirements. It’s crucial that if your payment code is “8171,” you undergo the matching process to receive your funds. It’s worth noting that individuals who provided their Telenor SIM number during registration should avoid doing so if they wish to receive the installment.

BISP 2 Exciting News

BISP 2 Exciting News

The forthcoming survey will determine the eligibility of individuals for the assistance funds. Those who were previously ineligible for the Benazir Income Support Program under Imran Khan’s administration will now have an opportunity to receive aid. About 800,000 people who were previously ineligible are being given another chance to apply for this assistance.

If you are currently ineligible, there is a chance that around 8,171 people might become eligible. To qualify, you need to wait for a message on the same SIM card that you used during your initial registration. If you apply accurately, you will receive a verification message on your phone. Updates will be communicated through SMS, and alternatively, you can also enroll by participating in a dynamic survey.

BISP 2 Exciting News

Benazir Ehsaas kafalat program

Announcement: Important Update for Registered Participants

We are pleased to inform all participants who have registered for the program for two or three years and have been subjected to repeated eligibility checks that they are now considered eligible. We understand that some eligible participants might not have received their installments yet. Notably, this time, we are witnessing a substantial increase in the number of individuals being enrolled in the sponsorship program.

For those who are patiently awaiting their installments, we would like to assure you that the disbursement will resume in the coming month of August. To streamline the process, we kindly request all participants to review their poverty scores. If you have already checked your score and confirmed your eligibility, you will receive the installment as planned.

However, for those who haven’t checked their poverty scores yet, we urge you to do so at your earliest convenience. It’s essential to note that a poverty score of less than 32 renders you eligible, while a score exceeding 32 signifies ineligibility.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Your continued participation in the sponsorship program is highly valued, and we remain committed to assisting those in need. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Benazir Ehsaas kafalat program

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