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Kafalat New Payment 9000 or 8500 Ehsaas Program

BISP New Update 2023:

Assalam Alaikum viewers finally the month of September has started and the waiting hours for the Kafalat program episode is over. Yes, I will share another great news with you. Many people have already started their accounts, so who are they?

Can they get this episode from today and also the big question of the time is that this time The installment is coming for 8500 rupees or the full 9000 thousand, so let’s give its full details. The viewers first come to this important question.

This time, the installment of Benazir Kafalat program will be 8500 rupees or 9000 thousand rupees. So of course you also know that the quarterly installment of Rs.8750 is released

Kafalat New Payment 9000 or 8500 Ehsaas Program

Kafalat New Payment 9000:

This installment has been changed due to ATM payment in such a way that once you will be given 8500 rupees and after 3 months an installment of 9000 rupees will be issued so you can calculate in the same way if you have If you have received an installment of Rs. 9,000 before, this time you will get an installment of Rs. 8,500.

In this regard, there is no need to worry and yes, the news is circulating on social media that the sponsorship program during the caretaker government. which was announced by the Shahbaz Sharif government, but no notification has come in this regard.

The banking system was introduced and the pellet phase is going to be successfully completed. This time the people of 7 districts will get the installment from their same bank account where they had opened the Benazir Kafalat program account.

Kafalat New Payment 9000 or 8500 Ehsaas Program

You will be able to get your payment from the ATM machine of this bank and can also get it through check and a great news has come for the people of all these 7 districts that after the success of the pellet phase, their accounts I have received the payment it has started transferring to the payment account from today and before this the payment was transferred to many accounts especially to check the banking system is working properly or not now.

Payments have been received in the accounts of all the beneficiaries who belong to these 7 districts and a big update has come for all the Bamifisheries except these 7 districts.

You will also get it under the agent system and children’s education scholarships will also be received from there and the method of checking the payment is also the same. You can check it on the 8171 web portal.

It has been done only in those 7 districts where the banking system has been started, apart from that no payment has been made to anyone’s account.

Kafalat New Payment 9000 or 8500 Ehsaas Program

Kafalat New Payment 9000 or 8500 Ehsaas Program

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