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8171 BISP Portal Latest Update Service Open

BISP New Update Today:

Assalam Alaikum Viewers In this post today I am going to share the most important updates with people. There are three updates which are very important for you people.

Secondly, a new program has been started in DSP program 1221, they will tell you about this program and thirdly, how much money you people will get from the invisible income support program and this will be a new installment because The government had done a great job, now the government is giving assistance to the people through the new policy, so those who are poor here want to benefit, so I request them that these three updates are for the people.

It is very important to know the three things that we will discuss in this post. First of all, I will inform you about the mobile vehicle that has been launched in the Benazir Income Support Program and its main purpose.

What is it and why you guys will benefit from it, what is the reason, how much money you guys will get from this program, I will share one thing with you guys here, I have run the program of 1221 also you guys. I will tell you how to apply, but I request you to read the post completely, because until you see the post completely and start sending messages to 1221, you will not get any benefit. First know the complete details and after that apply here you guys will definitely benefit here.

8171 BISP Portal Latest Update Service Open

8171 BISP Portal Latest Update Service Open:

So the mobile service has been started which will be provided by a vehicle and it will go to all the towns and villages but initially Saziya mamari who is a senior of Pakistan People’s Party.

The message was given on behalf of Tareen Lingaa while leaving that we should start this service first in Sindh and we are starting it in Balochistan, after that it will be started in the rest of the provinces as well.

They will be resorted to wait for registration in remote areas so that no family is deprived of the Benazir Income Support Program and if they can benefit here, they will definitely benefit from the Up Benazir Income Support Program here.

Those who are willing to take a decision in Benazir Income, I request them to go through this vehicle once and get themselves updated because the team will go to your home.

It will not take time, it will take you ten minutes and an interview type question number will be presented here and you will give answers in it, they will write down and when your questions reach, there will be some requirements in it which They will ask you how your house is built, how many children you have, how many are in education, how many are the earners, what are the expenses of the house and whether there is anyone sick in the house, such questions will be asked which are very easy.

And these questions will be asked to estimate your poverty score

8171 BISP Portal Latest Update Service Open

Along with this, the government will also get more information from you about the new registration that will be done by the government in the new income support program, in which you will be included here.

In this, information regarding the education scholarships of the children will also be collected so that you can be provided with the education of the children.

Regarding the new program has started, I am telling you people that if you want to send a message on the program of 1221, then what will be the benefit for you if you send a message here?

8171 PISP portal .com What will you benefit from this portal which is 8171 BIS portal it will benefit you that you people who are not benazir at this time can refer to registration in low support program.

The update is going on and if you want to join the Benazir Income Support Program, you will be supported through the Benazir Income Support Program and the assistance you have here will be provided in the program.

If you people get assistance, what else do you people need and the maximum families who will be included in the program from the banks will be included and they will be sponsored here.

For this purpose, the government has launched a nationwide campaign Efforts are being made to include every family. Attempts are being made to control poverty.

Those who are very poor families, I request them to be a part of the Hum Kadam program and apply for the Hum Kadam program. The easiest way to do it is that if you have a disabled person in your house, first get him an ID card from NADRA.

If his first card is for a special person, then apply on 1221. Assistance will be given to this family, which has become very poor, regardless of the income support program, it will be given separately, so in this way, you will be able to get assistance from anyone else and along with it.

8171 will be able to get the assistance of BISP program and only special persons can apply in this program, so the government has started this program specially for them so that any Basic facilities can be provided even if the special person is not known

8171 BISP Portal Latest Update Service Open

8171 BISP Portal Latest Update Service Open

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